May 27, 2014

Bonanza Creek Branding

Bonanza Creek Branding May 27th, 2014

Heading out early to gather.

Bringing in the herd.

Riders gather around to direct the herd into the pens for sorting. The operative word is "low stress".

Here the calves have been sorted from their mommas.

 Mother cows are eased out through the chute!

Irons are hot and roping begins with the Mitchell boys of Singleton Ranch.

First catch  of the day ~ great Job Sterlin!

Army Veteran and Cowboy Up! participant Sarah Jacobson vaccinates 
for Blackleg, a highly fatal disease of young cattle. Rick Iannucci and Kiowa Cranson double checkin'

Trey follows with his catch and drags 'em in ~ nice!

Cowboy Up! wrangler Bianca Shannon gets in there with her 
 "gun" while Ranch Manager Steve Price brands.

Nice Catch!

Well done ladies!

Time for a home cooked meal ~ Sizzling ribeyes on the grill!
Thanks to Eddie and Jacinda for keepin' us fat and happy!

With branding done, it's time to let them pair back up and then move the herd back onto pasture.

A job well done and another great day!

Thank you Steve for having us!!!