Oct 31, 2017

Season End Staple Cross Ranch

Had clear skies for the last weekend working at Staple Cross!
October 28th & 29th
Saturday afternoon heading out to move the cows.

 Boss gives out the directives...

... and out they go!

A little drink before moving on. Photo by Bianca

Into the next pasture we go! Photo by Bianca

Rick, Paul and Eric driving the herd. Photo by Bianca

 Sunday 7:30 am crisp!

 The last gather.

 East sunrise.

 In they come.

Sorting begins from pens...

... to alley.

  Gentle cattle handling is our style.

 Next a batch comes down...

 ... to sort on foot.


 And up they go for shipping.

To Steve, a true Cattleman ~ Thank you!

Oct 3, 2017

The Brave

The Brave Supports Horses For Heroes Cowboy Up!
Thanks y'all!