Jul 21, 2016

Staple Cross Branding

July 6th, 2016 ~ we welcomed Former US Army Ranger 
Thomas B. to Crossed Arrows Ranch...
Thomas jumps right in
helping out dragging the arena! 

July 10th, 2016
Turkey Smoker Master Lieutenant Colonel Ray as he 
preps a Sunday welcome dinner. 

 July 11th, 2016
Thomas gets a horseback (2nd time).

July 12th, 2016
3rd day training with Cowboy Up! Instructor Joe Streaker
and of course Bianca!

 Lt. to rt. Rick, Brian, Thomas and Joe prepare for LUNCH!

July 14th, 2016
5th day riding ~ Cowboy Up! Instructor Eric Yorty shows
Thomas around the pasture.

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June Branding at Staple Cross Ranch

Staple Cross Branding June 18th, 2016

38, 000 acres of New Mexico heaven.

Inda, taking matters into his own hands.

Rick on "Roper" drags one in for Jodi, Paul and Inda

Sometimes the best cowboy is a cowgirl!

 Rick double hocks a big one, nice!

Moo. Fence line weaning.

Best shot of the day!
Rick, Eric, and Joe; Picture perfect - rope one way and tail the other is 
how you safely get a cow down.

Rick, Trevor and Joe getting another one to the fire.

Of course laying a calf down is a bit harder when
they are that big! Ranch boss, Steve Price on the rope, while
 Trevor and Joe get down to business.

Lots going at any given moment.

Flankin', brandin', and taggin'. Our crew does it all!

I wonder what that cow is thinking???

Say cheeeese boys! Our neighbor Clint Mortenson drags one in.

Watch out boys, there's a new cowgirl in town!

 Team Heroes ~ Staple Cross June 18th, 2016
L to R: Joe Riggs, Trevor Bos, Paul Duran, Inda Tolepete, Sara Jacobsen, Eric Yorty, Rick Iannucci, Jodi Brommer, Gene Brommer.

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Don't forget this year's Day of the Cowboy concert!

Come on out and enjoy some great artists from The Western Music Association's at their benefit concert in support of Horses For Heroes Cowboy Up! 
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 Hope to see ya there!

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