Nov 29, 2018

Welcome Dr. Glenn Schiraldi to our National Advisory Board

 Glenn R. Schiraldi, PhD


Horses For Heroes New Mexico welcomes Dr. Glenn Schiraldi to our National Advisory Board. His professional credentials are only eclipsed by his heart of compassion for fellow veterans. We are truly blessed and honored to have him on board as we move into our 10th year, a decade of serving veterans wellness, wholeness and growth.  

Glenn R. Schiraldi, Ph.D., Lt. Colonel (USAR, Ret.), has served on the stress management faculties at the Pentagon, the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, and the University of Maryland, where he received the Outstanding Teaching Award and other teaching/service awards in the School of Public Health. He is the author of various articles and books on human mental and physical health. His 13 books on stress-related topics have been translated into sixteen foreign languages, and include: The Resilience Workbook; The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook: A Guide to Healing, Recovery & Growth; The Resilient Warrior Before, During, and After War; World War II Survivors: Lessons in Resilience; The Self-Esteem Workbook; Conquer Anxiety, Worry & Nervous Fatigue; The Anger Management Sourcebook; Ten Simple Solutions to Building Self-Esteem; Hope and Help for Depression: A Practical Guide; and Facts to Relax By: A Guide to Relaxation and Stress Reduction. Glenn’s writing has been recognized by various scholarly and popular sources, such as the Washington Post, American Journal of Health Promotion, the Mind/Body Health Review, and the International Stress and Tension Control Society Newsletter.

While serving at the Pentagon, he helped to design and implement a series of prototype courses in stress management for the Department of the Army—including hostility/anger management and communication skills. For the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation and Resilience Training International he designed and presents resilience training to optimize mental health and performance while preventing stress-related mental disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder in high-risk groups (such as military, police, and firefighters). Serving at the University of Maryland since l980, he has pioneered a number of mind/body courses, which have taught coping skills to a wide range of adults to prevent stress-related mental and physical illness. His research indicates that resilience and seven other indicators of mental health can be favorably impacted by semester’s courses. He has trained clinicians and lay people internationally on various dimensions of resilience and trauma. Because of his expertise in practical skill building to prevent mental illness, he was invited to join the Board of Directors, Depression and Related Affective Disorders Association, founded as a Johns Hopkins University, Department of Psychiatry, cooperative. He has also served on the editorial board of the International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience and on the ABC News Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder working group.
He is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, and a Vietnam-era veteran. He holds graduate degrees from BYU (Summa Cum Laude, Valedictorian) and the University of Maryland. His research interests center on personality and stress, including resilience, post-traumatic stress, self-esteem, depression, anger/hostility, and anxiety.  

Nov 18, 2018

Theater of War in NYC and KSFR Interview

For Veteran's Day Bloomberg Headquarters invited us to participate in Bryan Doerries Theater of War hosted at Bloomberg in NYC to honor the Veteran Community.

Theater of War is an innovative public health project that presents reading of ancient Greek plays as a catalyst for town hall discussions about the challenges faced by service members, veterans, and their caregivers and families today. Using Sophocles' plays to forge a common vocabulary for openly discussing the impact of war on individuals, families, and communities and understanding between diverse audiences. Each performance is followed by community panelist remarks and a facilitated discussion by it's Artistic Director Bryan Doerries.

Ed Jany, who put the event together, introduced the event in honor of Veterans Day.

A program, pen and journal was placed on every seat to record thoughts for discussion after the readings.
Founder and Executive Director Rick Iannucci speaks about Horses For Heroes work with veterans and active military.

Artistic Director of Theater of War Bryan Doerries who adapted the plays for public view introducing each Act (scene).

A big shout out to these actors Obi Abili, Kathryn Erbe, and John Turturro for a powerful performance!

Horses For Heroes Programs Director and Co-Founder, Nancy De Santis (far left), and Alroy Billiman former US Army and Cowboy Up! Graduate/Instructor (far right) were honored to sit as panelists along with two wonderful Vietnam veterans (*apologies*names unknown). The purpose of the panel is to discuss veteran experiences and Bryan Doerries facilitates the conversation to include the audience.  

Alroy and Rick with actor John Turturro ~ heck of a nice guy, as all the actors were.
Great to be part of such powerful production!
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John Shannon of KSFR

KSFR's John Shannon Talks With The Founders of Horses For Heroes-Cowboy Up! and Gets a Program Overview - Part 1

November 7, 2018 

KSFR's John Shannon Talks With The Founders of Horses For Heroes-Cowboy Up! & Army Combat Vet Alroy Billiman Part 2

November 8, 2018


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