Oct 26, 2015

Neurosculpting® at Crossed Arrows Ranch

A Huge Thank you to Lisa Wimberger, Founder of Neurosculpting for Saturday's full-day immersion where we learned powerful brain-based healing methods to deal with excessive stress and trauma. Lisa's work draws upon her background in medical neuroscience and neurobiology using the body's innate nature to heal itself! Heartfelt gratitude from the Cowboy Up! crew! ‪#‎Neurosculpting‬

Horses For Heroes - NM Inc. Executive Director, Rick Iannucci introduces the team to Lisa.

 An incredible day of education begins...

...with all of us taking detailed notes!
We even had lots of laughs!

Thank you Lisa for sharing your phenomenal amount of knowledge,
which was so eloquently explained!

 A Special shout-out to Sarah for her awesome warm healthful Ayurvedic drink!
Sarah, seen here with fellow Army veteran John (left) and our wrangler Bianca (right).

Oct 25, 2015

Deputy Robin Hopkins visitis Crossed Arrows Ranch

October 1st, 2015
Deputy Robin Hopkins visits Cross Arrows Ranch

Deputy Robin Hopkins was shot in October of 2013 - the shot shattered her femur and she nearly had the leg amputated. Two years later against all odds Robin is walking and even running again, there is no keeping this woman down.

After a long visit on the bunkhouse porch Hopkins, a Staff Sergeant in the NM Air National Guard, got to meet the horses.
We took time to greet each horse and then groom a couple to get to know them better.  More importantly Robin got to experience the healing power of our herd.

 Robin spends some time with "Roper" at liberty in the round pen.

 After establishing trust and leadership...

 ..."Roper" honors
Robin with his acknowledgment by "Partnering-up!" 

 Four days afterward Robin sent this in an email:

"I keep thinking of my visit to Crossed Arrows Ranch, and the incredible work you all are doing. 
I'm so grateful for the time you (and Rick and Bianca) spent with me, and your wonderful hospitality.
I'm at a loss for words to tell you how much I appreciated being there.

I left with the similar feeling I had after the 10 day meditation training; mentally and physically I was better, and I wanted all that goodness to stay with me as long as I could hold onto it.

Yeah, that's the healing power of horses!!!

October 3rd & 4th, 2015
That time again!
Staple Cross Gather & Shipping
 Getting ready...
...setting up panels for next day shipping.  
Headed out to gather the cows.
Paul on the prairie.
Pushin' cattle.
Bringin' them in.
...one by one.
They get put in the alley...
...then sorted by heifer and bull...
...Inda moving by foot.
What the scene looks like - pens and alley.
Trucks arrive as we finish up.
What it looks like inside cattle truck - loaded by weight.
All done.
Message from Henry.

October 11th -16th, 2015
Arrival Dinner
Sausage 'n' peppers.
 Cowboy Up! yoga with our veterans instructor.
 Learning how to halter.
 First time Partnering Up! with Buddy.
Tim and Roper.
Stacy, Tim John and Rick at Aspen Vista ~ all US Army
 Chow time!
 Time to relax.
Every morning, gotta stretch before riding!
 Saddle Up!
 Rick and 'Hollywood' showing how legs move in each gait.
 Learning how to lope.
 Thee best picture of the whole year ~ Kim Dozier and 'Junior'.
 Stacy and 'Knight'.
Lt. to rt.: Bianca, Stacy, John, Tim, Kim, Rick and Nancy.
October 16th, 2015
Prepping for the new reflection pond...
Courtesy of Nature's Creations.
While they work on the pond...
...we work in the arena!
Inda, Bianca, Sarah and Rick hard at work!

October 20th, 2015
Robin Hopkins and Lee Ellis at his presentation at Kirtland Air Force Base.
Lee Ellis served as an Air Force fighter pilot flying fifty-three combat missions over North Vietnam. In 1967, he was shot down and held as a POW for more than five years in Hanoi and surrounding camps. Read his book "Leading with Honor", you won't regret it!