Mar 10, 2018

A Full and Rich far!

Getting ready!
 'Junior' limbering up for the return of his buddy 
US Army Staff Sergeant Joel Tavera (Ret).

James (Army) gets hands on with the horses before Joel arrives...

 and gets acquainted with 'T4'

 Alroy arrives as well in preparation for Joel's return.

 ... and we get to do a mini session before heading to the airport.

Welcome back Joel!!!
 First order of business is showing the letters from the students at Garnet Valley in PA who send cards to our veterans - this one happens to be written by a young girl who is also blind, and she used braille in her message.

 On Sunday we held our first ever Liturgy/ Service  in our new Warrior Chapel.

 We didn't have our harp player Holly, but James plays a beautiful guitar and everyone had a part.

 Later that day one of our Marines brought her Navajo Nation flag 
for a project she is doing (stay tuned)...

 ... and we all got to break bread together!

 There is always great talk when you have a house full of veterans!

 Staff Seargeant Joel Tavera and 'Junior' ~ ol' friends!

 Joel is as hands-on as ever! You wouldn't know it, but Joel is blind and an amputee (just a couple of his injuries) from a rocket blast during his tour in Iraq - injuries that have NOT stopped him from living a blessed life. He believes they are just a little  "inconvenient".

 Part of grooming is picking those hooves too!

Then off to the round pen..
Where Joel works at liberty with 'Junior'.

Gettin' and givin' love!

 Later that evening our old friends and supporters, HH Brown Boot Co./ Double H Boots leadership crew came out for a visit.
Visiting our West Wall of NM post 9/11 Fallen Heroes Memorial.

 A look into our newest edition, our San Marcos Warrior Chapel.

 ... and more importantly a chance to visit over some home smoked Hawkins Chuckwagon BBQ!

 Next day, following Cowboy Up! Yoga,  back out riding...

 ... with all hands on deck.

 Unsaddling before heading to an afternoon treat...

  Executive Chef Lane Warner of La Fonda Hotel came by for a cooking session! 
Cooking Elk Stew, from an Elk harvested by our own Cowboy Up! Instructor/ Chief Warrant Officer Joe Streaker, as well as Wild Turkey Green Chile Stew. - all done Warner Style!

 Braising the meat...first step.

Organic veggies next. We sure don't go hungry here!

 The Chef's... and company!

 The best part of the meal is in getting to eat it...( and make sure it's OK!!!)
L to R: Rick ( HFH Exec. Director), First Sgt. Debbie (Army Reserves), Lane Warner Exec. Chef La Fonda Hotel,
Lt. Col. Brian , Sgt. James and S/Sgt. Joel .

 Ready for the warmer weather back home...

 We sure enjoyed your visit once again and we look forward to seeing you again next year!
L to R: James (Army), Brian (Army), Joel (Army), Steve (Bonanza Creek Manager), Rick (Army SF)

 The next day James shows First Sgt. Rick S. how we work with our horses on his first day here.

 See One, Do One, Teach one.

 James shows how we Partner Up!

 Rick S.  and 'Knight' have a go...

... and a partnership is born.

 From ground work to saddle...

 ... a little ride. The best part of a great day.

A great start to our 2018 season, and it ain't over yet!!!