Oct 18, 2020

“The Best Vitamin for Making Friends is B-1”

Ranger ~ AKA "Baby Girl" 5/6/05 – 10/16/20
Our ranch dog Ranger finished her earth walk in the crisp early New Mexico morning, courageous till the end. We were fortunate to have an Army Ranger, a US Marine, an USAF Airman and a Green Beret, here for the last Cowboy Up! session of the year who provided a fitting “detail” to send Ranger off in a way befitting of the healer she was to so many over the 12 years of Horses For Heroes NM Cowboy Up! and Wisdom Way For Warriors. She will be missed by those who were blessed to have had her by their side, or at their feet as they were on their own journey to healing. Photos of “Ranger in action” over the years : Top Row L to R : Green Beret SFC Neil Riley, Gavin and Jordan with Ranger, IAIA Native American Summer Youth camp participants with Ranger, Veterans; Wes, Christy with “Stella”, Sterling with “Ranger”, Eric and Rick on the porch, Chris Chaisson with Ranger when we were building the Bunkhouse, Second row L to R; Ranger always there to greet the many guests to the ranch, Our good friend, Actor Mary McCormack (West Wing/In Plain Sight) with Nancy, Ranger and kids on a return visit to the ranch. Ranger and Junior…best pals forever! Ranger, ever vigilant, on Patrol, Ranger with a group of Combat Wounded veterans by our Council Fire, Third Row L to R; Native friends (Dine’) after a big lunch paying tribute at our Gold Star Wall, The Libertarian Cowboy Patrick Dorinson from Sacramento Radio with Ranger supervising, arrives from California with our Elk Grove Dodge truck, Sgt. Chris Chaisson,“Doc” and “Ranger”, Ranger providing her “services” for a visitor. Nancy, Capt John Shannon, Sgt Eric Yorty, Rick, Delta Force/Ranger Hall of Fame CSM Greg Birch with “Ranger” on the porch, Bottom Row L to R: Ranger and Green Beret Maj. Garth Von Homan in the Bunkhouse with Christmas morning coffee, Sgt. Chris Chaisson with “Ranger” and “Doc” relaxing on the porch, Our sister Dillon in the coral with “Roper” and of course, “Ranger” under foot. Ranger overseeing Rick teaching Marines their ropes and knots. Russian Afghanistan veteran with Ranger during a World Council visit to the ranch. You will be sorely missed!!!