Aug 8, 2016

National Day of the Cowboy & WRCA Rodeo

 July 23rd, 2016
Western Music Association held their 3rd National Day of the Cowboy concert benefiting Horses For Heroes Cowboy Up! It was a great time had by all! Thanks to all of the wonderful musicians:
 The Tumble Weeds, The Cowboy Way, Randy Huston & R.W. Hampton.
We love ya all and Many Thanks for all your dedication!

 Dancers were abound...
 Executive Director Rick Iannucci and Rick Huff
introduce R.W. Hampton.
 Pleanty of room, enjoying the clear evening air.

July 27th, 2016
We are honored to have fellow horseman and Vietnam veteran,
Humberto Gonzales join our Cowboy Up! Volunteer Staff
Humberto joins our team working with our Four-Legged Instructors.
Working together with Bianca.

August 6th, 2016
Brain takes Thomas up to Pecos for some fishin'.

The WRCA Rodeo 
Great Day up at the Working Ranch Cowboy Association
Rodeo in  Cimarron!
August 6th, 2016
Photo by Thomas B.

It was a great time and we want to thank the
Maverick Club for hosting us!!!

August 8th, 2016
Getting back to the business of riding...
US Marine Chris M. returns and brushes up on
his riding skills from his May visit.
 Chris and 'Knight'.
 Rick and 'Mesa'.
 Thomas and 'T4".

A day out on the range, August 9th, 2016 ~
 Checking fence on the Staple Cross Ranch.
Enjoying a drink of water before heading back.
Thomas and 'T4', Chris and 'Knight', and Rick and 'Roper'.
 Staple Cross Ride photos by Bianca.

What a Blessed Day!