Nov 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

November 23rd

'Hollywood' gets some massage and chiropractor
 work from Doc. Nunnally.

November 21st
Lt. to rt.: Inda (Army), Holly (Air Force), Paul (USMC),
Mario (USMC), Rick (Green Beret)
 Nice "indirect rein above the withers" Paul!
 A little time on pasture is good for the soul!

Veteran's Day
At Sandia National Labs
Chris (Army) and Dillon (Air Force).

Nov 4, 2015

Harping For Heroes

"Harping" For Heroes!?

The good news was that we were blessed with moisture in the form of back to back chilly, rainy days as a preview of a New Mexico winter to come. The better news was that in typical Cowboy Up! fashion we improvised, adapted and overcame thanks to our active duty USANG cowgirl/harpist Holly! 

Holly, mesmerizing us on the Harp and in front of a roaring fire in our 
Cowboy/Warrior Bunkhouse!