Feb 23, 2015

The Warrior Monk Joins Cowboy Up!

On February 17th, 2015 we welcomed our latest four tour Iraq Veteran Father June N. Ramos ~ USMC into our Cowboy Up! program and crew.  It was a full day with breaking bread in the Bunkhouse, listening to Fr. Ramos' experience, and then working with the horses, all before heading to Ag Fest* that evening.

Lunch time there were shared stories and experiences.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with "The Warrior Monk"
and Fr. June Ramos you can read some of his incredible story.
Please click HERE and HERE.

L to R: Cowboy Up! Instructors "T4"  and Alroy Billiman (USArmy Iraq
& Native Peer Counselor),  Fr. June Ramos (USMC- Iraq) and
Rev. Rick Rinde, (USArmy EOD Afghanistan~
now Pastor of Cimmarron, NM Community Church).

First some time spent in the round pen where Alroy 
shares some of his horse philosophy, and then a...

..."Board of Directors Meeting".

Alroy tries out our "Mclite" McCall saddle ~
"A lot easier to handle huh Alroy?"

Fr. June soaks in every bit of info that Alroy has to share.

Rick gets Fr. Ramos hands on, leading "Hollywood"
and getting ready to Cowboy Up!

Alroy makes sure Fr. June knows how to stop his horse. A natural athlete, he snapped in pretty quick and had a pretty good seat.

While Alroy continues with his intro session, Bianca 
works with Rick Rinde advancing his horsemanship skills.

You prankster Hollywood!
Hollywood's version of sticking two fingers up behind someone's head!
Left to right Rick Iannucci, June Ramos, Alroy Billiman & Rick Rinde on "Roper"
*AgFest is the annual gathering of agricultural groups hosting an open house for New Mexico’s legislators. “This is an opportunity for New Mexico’s farmers and ranchers to visit with lawmakers about the issues that are affecting them,” said Mike White, President of New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau. “Whether it is about taxes or regulations, most bills considered in the Roundhouse have an impact on local food production.” AgFest began in 1993 and has grown to feature booths from over 43 organizations representing agriculture across the state.

Feb 7, 2015

Welcome February 2015!

February 1st, 2015 we had Dr. Michael Nunnally out, who is Certified in Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy, as "Knight" seemed a tad uncomfortable. Doc Nunnally checked him out and did his magic which "Knight" really enjoyed!  Of course Doc Nunnally found the areas that needed some tender loving care...

... and "Knight" let him know right away what felt best!

"What'cha doin' back there? That feels pretty good too!"

"Thank you so much Doc, I feel so much better!"
Friday February 6th, we took full advantage of the near 60 degree weather and headed out to check the many miles of fence on the Staple Cross Ranch before we move the cattle back this spring.  

 Army veteran Sarah J. did an excellent job riding "Roper" out on the open range!

Rick I. on "Hollywood"  and Sarah J. on "Roper riding the Staple Cross Ranch in Santa Fe 
County, NM. The Sangre de Cristo mountain range is in the background.

And here we are,  February 7th, 2015 ~ Winter? What winter? Hard to believe we had snow on the ground just last week!

 NM Army Guard Sergeant, Tina G. came out and got horseback. 
Here she is finishing her "tack check" before heading to the arena with "T4".

  Cowboy Up! Director Nancy De Santis illustrates several ways to shorten and lengthen reins.
Safety, control, soft hands....nice.

Great first ride Tina!