Jun 29, 2012

Fun in the Sun!

June 27th, 2012 was a Beatiful Clear Day!

Cowboy Up! instructor Wes Studi out with Jack.

Warming up and there's Mike on Roper!

Cowboy Up! instructor Norm Becht discusses centered riding with Shaun.

Wes working with Mike who is about to attempt his first lope...

There they go!

Shaun letting out the girth strap to let Stiltz know he's done working.

Hay is in!!!

June 22, 2012

Saddles in Use and Veterans Turned Veterinarians?

June 20th, 2012 
 Finally we got the chance to try out our new saddles! Thanks again Bob - they are so absolutely awesome!!!

After saddle time our VA guys had the opportunity to worm and vaccinate the horses and they did a hell-of-a job!

Bridling up.

Cowboy Up! Graduate Chris Chaisson discusses where to look while riding.

Moseying to warm up.

Bob's special pouches on the back of each cantle.  Nice!

Chris hands over the reins to our newest student. 

Cowboy Up! director Rick Iannucci with two of our veterans.

A big thank you to Bob for such an outstanding job on his craftsmanship!

Great riding session, but wait, it's time for part II...

Rick discusses all about worming horses.

Jack's done!

Stiltz wasn't sure he really wanted to comply.

Roper was wondering, "What cha got there?"

"Oh, I remember this stuff."
Rick inserts needle in rump for vaccination and gets the juice ready.

Now for Stiltz.

Finding the perfect injection site.

Inject and DONE!

Thank you men!

Horse Judging with 4-H

June 19th, 2012

We took the evening to work with our local 4-H Horse Judging team with the help of one of our Cowboy Up! participants and instructors.

Horse judging is one of the most educational and popular activities of the 4-H Horse Project.  Horse judging contests involve two actions: first, you must place each animal in a class; second, you must be able to orally defend that placing.

Horse judging helps youth to:

• Develop communication skills
• Make decisions based on facts and observations
• Compete with a sportsmanlike attitude
• Learn a skill essential for success in the horse industry
• Develop self confidence

Jun 18, 2012

Saddles Are In!

Back in February Bob Leach had been listening to The Wilkow Majority Show on Sirius XM satelite radio where he learned of our organization and our Horses For Heroes Cowboy Up! program.

Very interested Bob did his own research by visiting our website and decided to call. Through conversation we quickly discovered how Bob's own son was a (ret.) OIF/OEF combat Marine who was now home working, as well as helping out his dad in his shop.

After speaking with Rick and finding out that we sure could use some great working cowboy saddles, Bob decided he needed to raise money to build three to send our way. Bob and his friend Doug Woods went to their community and set forth the motion to fundraising and then Bob began building three outstanding saddles complete with our Crossed Arrows Ranch mark. (You can read the original article "Cherokee saddle maker to craft saddles for worthy Veterans' cause" by Dan Whitney here.

We are deeply touched and truly appreciate all the kind hearts of those, who when they hear about the work we do for our veterans are sparked to contribute in some way.  And as in the case of Bob Leach and his boss, Phil Rupp, owner of Buckaroo Sales, we are extremely grateful for the generous  contribution that you have made on our behalf and with the help of your community who supported your efforts. We thank you all for keeping our Heroes horseback!  Cherokee Iowa, YOU ROCK!!!

See more of Bob & Phil's work at: Buckaroo Sales

Half Day of College Corona

On June 13th, 2012 we joined Corona Range and Livestock Research Center (CRLRC) and NMSU Southwest Center For Rangeland Sustainability (SWCRS) for their Annual Half day of College and Centennial Celebration with concurrent sessions in Equine Management and Range Plant Identification.

Horses For Heroes - NM, Inc. Cowboy Up! staff having a refreshment during SWCRS' open house.

Lauren White PhD. during her stellar powerpoint presentation.

Nick Ashcroft PhD going over grasses of the area in his Range Plant Identification session before heading outdoors for further identification of in-ground plants and grasses.

Thank you to Shad Cox CRLRC Superintendent and it's board of advisors for putting together this informative day for us all!

We look forward to a successful partnership with CRLRC for continued education and possible internships for our Cowboy Up! graduates.