Jun 29, 2012

Saddles in Use and Veterans Turned Veterinarians?

June 20th, 2012 
 Finally we got the chance to try out our new saddles! Thanks again Bob - they are so absolutely awesome!!!

After saddle time our VA guys had the opportunity to worm and vaccinate the horses and they did a hell-of-a job!

Bridling up.

Cowboy Up! Graduate Chris Chaisson discusses where to look while riding.

Moseying to warm up.

Bob's special pouches on the back of each cantle.  Nice!

Chris hands over the reins to our newest student. 

Cowboy Up! director Rick Iannucci with two of our veterans.

A big thank you to Bob for such an outstanding job on his craftsmanship!

Great riding session, but wait, it's time for part II...

Rick discusses all about worming horses.

Jack's done!

Stiltz wasn't sure he really wanted to comply.

Roper was wondering, "What cha got there?"

"Oh, I remember this stuff."
Rick inserts needle in rump for vaccination and gets the juice ready.

Now for Stiltz.

Finding the perfect injection site.

Inject and DONE!

Thank you men!