Nov 26, 2014


Nov 17, 2014

Horse Medicine

 Houdini and Eric

This is a shot of Eric Yorty (US Army), one of our Cowboy Up! Graduates and Instructors taken by Film Maker James Anaquad Kleinert who's film Horse Medicine just premiered at the Napa Valley Film Festival of which Horses For Heroes - NM Cowboy Up! was featured. 

We were honored to have James out here to meet, live with, and film our veterans in action and to see some of the our horses help to heal our veterans.

"Horse Medicine explores the profound human and horse relationship from ancient myth to modern science. This inspirational documentary film reconnects our hearts with the power of the horse and majesty of Mother Earth."
~ James Anaquad Kleinert Films

Nov 12, 2014

Bonanza Creek

November 12th, 2014

Steve called from Bonanza Creek bright and early for some help to move cattle afoot through the alley and into the chute for a health check.  The frigid temperatures of 19 degrees did not stop Our Veteran's Sarah (US Army) and Dillon (US Air Force), as well as Bianca and myself. Sometimes the best cowboy for the job is a cowgirl!

We all had to move the cattle into the first pen...

... then into the 2nd pen where Jacinda and Dillon moved them... the first corridor just behind me. From here Sarah and I moved them up...
...the alley where Bianca moved them up into the actual chute 
where Steve and Joe did their health check on each calf.
The last batch - all hands on deck!
L to R: Sarah, Nancy and Jacinda.

 And the very last push into the chute.

Thank you to Dillon for taking these photos in between her own working of 
the cattle, and yes, it was that cold!

Nov 11, 2014

Veterans Day

Let us all take a moment and be grateful.
Blessings to all.


Yesterday, November 10th, 2014
We were honored to be invited down to Sandia National Labs for their special Veterans Day Ceremony. We had a table to present our program and met some wonderful people.

Dillon, US Air Force, proudly representing our programs of which she participates.

The guest speaker of the day was Navajo Code Talker Dr. Roy Hawthorne ~ a wonderful talk indeed!

Cowboy Up! participant Col. Chris Schiano, minus his
cowboy boots and hat, greets Dr. Hawthorne.

Smiles abound! Dr. Hawthorne and Dillon.
Happy to have participated in the honoring of our Nation's Heroes!

Nov 8, 2014

November at Bonanza Creek and Staple Cross

November 8th, 2014

A beautiful day to work cattle, that's for sure!
 Joe looks on while Steve and Jacinda move the herd up.

 With a smooth move into the pens, Steve and Joe close the gates
in order to get the momma's sorted.

 Bianca and Hollywood guard the opening so the cows keep in their pen.

 Steve and Joe work afoot sorting the momma's to prepare for fence weening.

 Bianca puts pressure to move the cows out of one section to another.

 Killer view.

 Jack did awesome movin' the momma's out!

A little reinforcing of the fence line so the calves don't push through.
 A job well done! Time to head back for one of Jacinda's famous meals!

 Another killer view.

And it's a wonderful day in the neighborhood!

November 1st, 2014
Was a day of gathering cattle on Staple Cross to prepare for shipping.

The next day...

We headed out bright and early, in hopes we would miss the rain.

 Time to sort, Momma cows, heifers and steers...

The first batch comes down the alley before being pushed back up in order to sort into their prospective pens.

 Will the rain hold out??

 Here are the momma cows once they come through the alley.

 Rick workin' gates in his slicker to keep warm from the rain.

 Momma checking to see if her calf might be in the pen.

 "You're not my momma."

Countin' heifers.

All went smooth, and it seems Henry put in a good 
word for us with the Man upstairs
 to keep the heavy rains at bay. 
Though you weren't there in body, you were in Spirit! Miss you Henry.