May 20, 2012

Laguna Spring Branding

May 19th, 2012 Once again we were invited by our Program Partners, John and Stewart Romero, to their spring branding. We got the team together for an early departure to Laguna Pueblo to gather cattle and then jump into the business of the day! We were welcomed with warm hearts and big smiles - it is always a pleasure to see our friends! Thank you all for having us, and for giving our veterans an opportunity to learn and participate! We all had a blast!

May 15th & 16th Indian Livestock Days

Prior to the branding we participated  Indian Livestock Days. It was two days filled with info, old friends and other Native American ranchers from throughout the state. Gary Sides from Pfizer led off the speakers outlining how the beef industry is an integral part of the economy. NMSU Cattle Specialist, Dr. Manny Encinias addressed Supplemental Feeds and also did a very good hands low stress cattle handling class. The always spot on NMSU Extension Veterinarian Dr. John Wenzel covered Reproductive Disease and Trichomonosis and also did an eye opening hands on session on Cow Carcass and Injection site evaluation. Ty Jones from Northern Arizona University did a class on Horse Sense and Dr. Eric Scholijegerdes from the NMSU Research Ranch in Corona, NM spoke on Water for Livestock.

Sedillo Cattle Association's John Romero and Horses For Heroes- New Mexico  Director Rick Iannucci updated attendees about our Cowboy Up! program our program partners here at the Laguna  Pueblo and the work we have also done with our Native American Navajo veterans in our Seed stock/ Rancher Starter kit program.

After some closing remarks from program organizer Kathy Landers, NMSU Extension Agent from McKinley County, the Colors were retired by the Laguna Veterans Color Guard and we were honored to pose for a closing photo.

Bottom photo from left to right with Color Guard: Cowboy Up! Director Nancy De Santis, John Romero, Kathy Landers, Dr. John Wenzel, Dr. Manny Encinias, Dr. Eric Sholljegeredes.  


May 11, 2012

Bonanza Creek Branding & Graduation

Program Partner Mr. Henry Mc Kinley heelin' calves, showin' how yuh get 'er done...
Army veteran Chris Chaisson learning the ropes of how to flank.
Airman Matt Moody gets in on the action as Program Partner Steve Price brands.
Chris taking some tips from program Partner Grant Mitchell, while Cowboy Up! Graduates Emily Ruch and Sterling Bucholz work on finishing up the job.
All three Cowboy Up! participants working together to get'er done.
Horses For Heroes Cowboy Up! Director Rick Iannucci vaccinating while our very first Graduate, Sterling Bucholz, keeps the calf In place.
Ward on Roper - quite a ropin' team!
Sterling and Chris workin so Eddie can get a perfect brand.
Chris and Matt at the ready to flank.
Matt and Sterling get'er stretched and ready.
Emily getting down and dirty in the action!
Here Emily switches ends to get the feel of both ends!
Veterans helping veterans - correct position is everything.
Rick, Mr. Henry, Chris and Matt just before the next round.

Horseback to get the cows moved out to pasture.
Movin' in to gather...
Four Veterans Cowboying Up!
This little one gets a ride back into the pasture, she just had a busy morning!
Out to pasture they go!
Such beauty!
Unbeknownst to Chris, it is time...
To graduate him into the Order of the Purple Wildrag...
...and into his next phase of learning. Congratulations Chris! Well done!