May 8, 2012

The Rest of April...

April 22nd, 2012
It's that time again... always movin' hay!
Funny-man Thomas.
Well deserved meal for a job well done!  Thanks guys for pitchin' in!

April 25th, 2012 Father & son team at it again for an a.m. session. This time, a mini trail course...
Dragin' skid steer.
Movin' sliker.
Mike's turn.
Always thumb up!!!
Good work!
Then the afternoon session with the VA participants from Albuquerque.
Groomin' & saddlin'
Pre-ride saftey check first!
Double check!
Assistant instructor Cowboy Up! participant Chris Chaisson giving some direction.
Gordon spending time with Aztec - look at that partnership!
Camaraderie - one of the best parts of being here!
Nate tossin' a couple of loops.
Us Army veteran volunteer takin' a well deserved five!

April 27th a visit to Henry's for a lesson on cattle...
A talk on the points of pressure and how to move cattle before doing so in saddle.
Hands on experience - learning from the master.
First a greeting...!
Okay, I'll move.
Here Henry shows how it's done and how a cowy horse moves!
In she goes!  Nice work Mr. Henry!  Thanks for the lesson!