May 9, 2012

VA visits

May 2nd, 2012
Centered riding is what riding is all about. It is important to know what the horse feels and how our seat communicates to the horse.  There is no better way of communicating this to a rider than through exercises to drive home the point of just how important your seat really is.

Here Mike is explaining a bit about bit pressure.

Warming up.

While we work in the arena others enjoy some story telling.

Exercises - practice make perfect.

Cowboy Up! ground instructors work with particpants to fine-tune their riding skills.

Great Job Julia!

May 9th, 2012
Chuckwagon time! After our session we were invited over to learn about chuckwagons. We helped Carl of Hawkins Chuckwagon to unload his authentic 1800's chuckwagon. He gave us a great history lesson and he even cooked us up some mean chili & cornbread, topped off with his oh so delicious cobbler! After chow we all pitched in to set up the fly so Carl would be ready for Friday's branding - thanks Carl you're the best - lunch was outstanding!

Unloading the wagon.

Squaring up the wheels to make sure all is aligned.

Carl talks about some history and Chuckwagon etiquette: never step into a mans kitchen (underneathe the fly) without permission, better yet, wait until you're invited!

Carl in his kitchen, the heart of the wagon.

Fly assembly.

Raising the fly.

John hard at work setting the stakes.

Gordon finishes off with the sledge hammer, and she's done!

Crew photo - Awesome!