Jun 25, 2013

SFC Leroy Petry

June 23rd, 2013

It was good to see Leroy and his family again, such down to earth folks, it's an honor to know them. SFC Leroy Petry made a special visit out to the ranch kicking off the opening of our warrior bunkhouse  ~ it was a beautiful clear day despite the NM fires, good food and friends were in abundance on Sunday afternoon. While Jasper McCoy played cowboy songs from his CD up on the porch, we all enjoyed a BBQ with smoked brisket and peach cobbler with ice cream cooked by our very own Cowboy Up! staff, mentor and friend Carl Hawkins and his wife Jo!  It just doesn't get any better than this!  We are blessed.

Some of the photos of the day...

SFC Dana Bowman (Special Forces) the first soldier to come back on active duty as a double amputee and return to Special Forces and the Golden Knights Army Parachute Team, Master Chief Jim Woods (a former Navy SEAL and the tandem parachute master jumper that jumped Pres George Bush on his birthday some years back, and Special Forces Sgt. John Hart all were the first to stay at our newly opened warrior bunkhouse!

Dana Bowman and Rick Iannucci discussing the next days parachute jump.

Leroy Petry being introduced by Rick Iannucci 
to our program partners Mr. & Mrs. Henry McKinley.

Leroy Petry saying hi to Cowboy Up! instructor Chris Chaisson.

Dana Bowman and Jim Woods lead the tour of Crossed Arrows Ranch.

Leroy Petry with family and friends touring the Crossed Arrows Ranch.

Pueblo of Pojoaque Governor George Rivera talking 
with Cowboy Up! Director Nancy De Santis

Carl & Jo Hawkins of Hawkins Chuckwagon fame.

Leroy Petry and Cowboy Up! instructor Alroy Biliman.

June 24th, 2013

What a way to make an entrance!  SFC Leroy Petry jumped into Santa Fe yesterday before the unveiling of his larger than life statue created by Pojoaque Pueblo Gov. George Rivera.  

The jump was oraganized by Horses For Heroes - NM, Inc. Executive Director Rick Iannucci along with SFC Dana Bowman, Halo Warrior Foundation.  Jumping in ahead of Leroy was US Army Special Forces Sgt. John Hart who filmed the jump from aircraft to ground.  Retired U.S. Navy SEAL Jim Woods and tandem parachute master saftely and smoothly jumped in SFC Leroy Petry second, and followed by Special Forces Sgt. First Class Dana Bowman who made a special entrance creating circular streams of white smoke as he parachuted in flying a 1500 square foot banner of the US flag trailing behind.

Below are photos of the day from getting ready for the jump at dawn to setting up the drop zone to a smooth tandem jump and landing into Ft. Marcy Park in downtown Santa Fe, NM.

What a Blessed Day!!!

Aerial footage was taken by Sgt. John Hart in the following video...

Military hero Petry swoops in for statue unveiling ceremony - video by The New Mexican
If you cannot view the video click Here