Apr 21, 2012

Session on Friday & EPR1 Class on Saturday

Friday: April 20th, 2012

Chris on Hollywood...  Good Job!
Follow the leader...
Now for a good lope...!
Opening and closing of gates is important business on a ranch.
Well done!

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Zarna Carter invited one of our veterans to participate in her EPR1 class today while I myself audited and documented.  Equine Positional Release is best described by Zarna Carter herself so with permission I have taken her explaination from her website and posted it below.
Please visit to find out more about Zarna and her work at www.eprortho.com 

What is Equine Positional Release?

Equine Positional Release (EPR) is a manual therapy based on the principles of non-force and movement away from pain to achieve joint stabilisation, soft tissue repair and postural re-education.EPR

How does EPR work? 

EPR uses movement and body position to stimulate a natural reflex found in muscles and joints. This reflexive ability is part of the nervous system and is called proprioception. It is initiated by touch, movement and positioning of the body. When the body is moved into a comfortable position away from pain or discomfort, the natural response is for the body to relax and re-balance.

Below are some photos from the day.  Thank you Zarna for your outstanding instruction!

Before hands on experience Zarna takes her class through the background of EPR and horse anatomy.

Zarna chalks the horses skeletal form so that students can have a clear understanding of their location.
Zarna illustrating the scapula and humerus.
In assessing horses we need to look at how they walk and carry their body.
Feel, while in motion also part of assessing a horses condition.
A quick break and visit with Beau.
Zarna explaining mechanics of the horses hoof.
Rotation of the hoof.
Back inside for more work...
Talking and hands on exercises involving the shoulder...
...and the back of the horse
Amazing Zarna - Thanks again!!!