Nov 12, 2014

Bonanza Creek

November 12th, 2014

Steve called from Bonanza Creek bright and early for some help to move cattle afoot through the alley and into the chute for a health check.  The frigid temperatures of 19 degrees did not stop Our Veteran's Sarah (US Army) and Dillon (US Air Force), as well as Bianca and myself. Sometimes the best cowboy for the job is a cowgirl!

We all had to move the cattle into the first pen...

... then into the 2nd pen where Jacinda and Dillon moved them... the first corridor just behind me. From here Sarah and I moved them up...
...the alley where Bianca moved them up into the actual chute 
where Steve and Joe did their health check on each calf.
The last batch - all hands on deck!
L to R: Sarah, Nancy and Jacinda.

 And the very last push into the chute.

Thank you to Dillon for taking these photos in between her own working of 
the cattle, and yes, it was that cold!