May 3, 2014

GiveGrandeNM 2 days away!!!

Don't forget GiveGrandNM is two day away!


For one day, for a 24 hour period starting at 12 a.m. - 11:59 p.m. 
Tuesday May 6th, 2014
Every dollar donated through Give Grande New Mexico to Horses For Heroes-NM, Inc. will be magnified through local and national matching funds.

We’re asking every person to get behind this effort. Large and small gifts will combine for big impact as we raise significant funds that will do good—right here where we help Veterans to Recuperate, 
Re-create and Reintegrate!

Help us make history: With participation from communities across America, Give Grande New Mexico promises to be the single biggest giving day in history. YOU CAN HELP US MAKE A DIFFERENCE – Please consider helping us raise essential support by donating online at to Horses For Heroes - NM, Inc. 
It’s fun, easy and secure!  

The direct link to our page on GiveGrandeNM is HERE.

Thank everyone, we Sincerely Appreciate your support!!!