May 17, 2014

Curt Pate & Navajo Nation Equine Expo

May 9th, 2014
 San Cristobal Branding Photos By Paul Duran

Heading out at the crack of dawn to gather the girls...

... and bring them in.

There was no time for picture taking, but Paul got one in!
Here ranch manager Grant Mitchell puts the "Bar S" on this calf with his son Trey holding steady and Rick ear tags while Horse Division trainer Kiowa Cranson looks on.

Tres Amigos after a day in the dirt and dust!

May 15th, 2014

NMSU Indian Livestock Days brought back Curt Pate to speak and demonstrate his low stress cattle handling.

Our crew was there to help him get set up. Eric and Rick are making an alley for Curt.

Connecting the wing to make a straight run in for the cows

 Our Program partner John Romero from the  Sedillo Cattle Association arrived right on time with the cows. Uh, John, these are the biggest yearlings we have ever seen ! What are you feeding?

Eric loading the buddy box for Curt.

As usual, Curt had everyones attention.

Moving afoot, and in and out of their field of vision in order to put a bit of pressure.

Curt discussing low stress cattle handling issues with Mr. Vaio, Rick and Alroy.

Curt putting it all together and through the chute.

May 16th, 2014

Horses for Heroes- Cowboy Up! was invited to the Navajo Nation Equine Expo to speak on our program and how we work with our native Program Partners like Sedillo Cattle Company on the Laguna Reservation. Rick, Alroy and John Romero all spoke.

Afterward Alroy took us to his ranch...

The Historic Buell Park Ranch 

Alroy breeds and raises quarter horses. We also helped him to start up a new herd of cows.

Here are some of his young horses.

Very Sweet!

After looking at his horses he took us through the ranch.
This is a natural spring and Alroy is pointing directly to the scource.

A beautiful view.

Rick and Alroy with part of his herd in the background. Several years in the making we are honored to have been a part of!