Jun 6, 2014

Women Veteran's Retreat

Saturday May 31st Horses For Heroes - NM, Inc. had their 1st Women Veterans Day Retreat of 2014. The retreats are offered free to New Mexico Women Veterans with a scrumptious 
homecooked lunch provided by our very own chef and Executive Director, Rick Iannucci. 

The day was kicked off with Sara Sherman 
of Discovery Horse of MN.  
Sara and Nancy De Santis, Cowboy Up! Director, met at Touched By a Horse and graduated the Equine Gestalt Coaching program developed by Melisa Pearce, a core founder since 1980's of the horse-human healing movement.

Lance and Sara Sherman.

The day began setting up the tents and preparing for the day.

Introductions and lively conversation.

Our horse handlers, all top notch NM horsewomen, made sure both horses and
 humans were comfortable and safe throughout the day.

Horses at liberty...

... while we all look on.

Knight watches ringside after having a bit of fun himself!

Afterward our first activity of the day...

...ladies meeting the herd.

For many it was their very first time meeting...

... and greeting a horse....

... for others it was a re-connection.

Special moments did truly abound.

There was lots more, but you will have to just come and 
experience a retreat for yourself!
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Group Photo ~ we loved having you all!

Read what the women had to say 
about taking part in the day:

"The benefits I received..."

"Feeling empowered by the horses energy and pure joy"

"I learned to trust"

"Life changing, what a gift I've been given to come here!"

"I am honored to have been part of this beautiful circle."

"A day of rest and renewal"

"Learned so much about myself"

"Energy to keep moving forward"

"An appreciation of my sister veterans"

"Feeling empowered + strong + loved, feeling so happy" 

Feeling a sense of self-love and confidence"

"The day far exceeded my expectations"