Jun 9, 2014

Horse Health Day 2014

June 4th, 2014

Our Annual Horse Health Day with Veterinarian Stuart McCall DVM.

Cowboy Up! veterans discuss maintaining good health and prevention of problems for program horses.

Executive director Rick Iannucci explains the importance of vaccinating.

Doc McCall illustrates how to properly give intramuscular injections.
This area is where there is deep muscle and the vaccination can penetrate well and get distributated throughout the body.

Then our veterans vaccinate the rest of the herd. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Here Doc is showing us the second location to listen for a healthy gut.
The stethoscope is a valuable tool to have in the barn's first aid kit!

No enamel points, so no teeth floating for "Hollywood".
Floating means to smooth or contour horse's teeth, as a horses teeth keep growing. There are times horse's teeth can develop sharp edges making it difficult to chew food or cause pain in their mouth.
A horse will have two sets of teeth throughout their lifetime - starting with temporary baby teeth, like us humans, until around age five when most have their permanent teeth. 
An adult horse may have between 36-44 permanent teeth.

June 6th, 2014

First day at Cowboy Up! for Iraq veteran Paul Duran (USMC).
Part of grooming is going over every area making sure all is A-Okay!

Eric demonstrates some round pen work with "Houdini".

Next was Paul's turn with "Knight".

Beautiful job!

Before heading out, Paul observes some of the skills he will be learning. 
Here Chris and "T4" demonstrating how to safely open and close the gate while horseback.
These are essential skills used when we are working on our Program Partner ranches.