Jan 17, 2014

January 3rd, 2014

Chris back for more riding, not having his prosthetic leg does not stop him!

Fellow Army veteran and Cowboy Up! instructor Eric Yorty eases Jack into place helping Hollywood to square up next to mounting platform.

After we work getting Chris his balanced seat we step back and let him work Hollywood around the cones.

Then he takes the lead with Eric and Jack walking, stopping, turning... 

... walking over and stopping on the bridge all the while 
working his core muscles.

 Hollywood is relaxed and confident because he trusts his rider,  Chris. And Chris  is relaxed and confident because he trusts Hollywood.
What a partnership!

"HOTWASH".  Discussion on stirrups as Chris prepares for his 
new coming prosthetic leg for next session.

It's always good to cover what was done and how to make it better!

Chris never stops thinking of ways that will make life easier ~ what an incredible idea he had to put zippers on the outside of his pant leg to accomodate the ease of putting on and removing his prosthetic leg.  I got on the phone with my good friend Jacinda Witt who is a whiz with a sewing machine and asked if it would be possible to put a zipper on some jeans, so three days later...

January 6th, 2014 

...Cowboy Up! Director Nancy De Santis headed over to Jacinda's to get to work on those zippered legs!  The easy part was to open the leg and pin the zipper, sewing is another story and left to the master ~ thanks Jacinda!!!  

January 17th, 2014

Chris is back to try out his new jeans WITH his NEW LEG!!!

Cowboy Up! Baby!

Smooth as silk and working good!

Rick works with Hollywood refreshing his memory of being used to Chris' "sticks".

Hollywood and Chris are ready...

... and smoothly back in the saddle !

We are learning there are pressure points on the Chris' new leg that need to be addressed...

... and adjustments made.

After lowering the stirrups and adjusting leg position we do another test run.

Then Chris is ready to ride unassisted with Rick.

Take a look at this short clip made from the still photos:

Another great day!

Cowboy Up!