Jan 30, 2014

First time rides and a visit from CSM Greg Burch our Cowboy Up! Warrior advisor and mentor.

27th January 2014

Welcome new Wrangler, Bianca Shannon!  
An experienced Horsewoman who come to us with a strong backround in English equitation but is all  cowgirl now and ready to REALLY ride! 
Chris Chaisson gives Bianca a few tips like how to stop Hollywood from encroaching on her and Jack's space.

Comin' through the cones, I'd better move out the way!

28 January 2014

A Kodak moment, as John Shannon rides with his daughter for the very first time. Though he has always supported Bianca's love of horses and riding, he was a little busy defending our country...
Enter Cowboy Up!...riding together into the sunset as they write some new history together!

Left to right: Bianca and John Shannon and Cowboy Up! Director Nancy De Santis.

Bianca showing "dad" how to smooth out the stop.

Being quite the  gentleman, John gets the gate for the ladies, and shows his daughter the skills he has been learning here at the ranch!  ~ Thanks John!

30 January, 2014

Body alignment is key to riding well, and nothing illustrates that as well as the traditional 
martial arts  posture known as "Horse Stance".  When in proper alignment your body cannot be swayed.

Eric and Chris observe the "horse stance" and balanced positioning of Nancy and John.
Just as in shooting and CQB,  Eric and John illustrate body position...

...and John gets "over his gun" and in position.

With that in mind we mount up for our session...

...and put that knowledge and feel to trotting.

Eric gives some tips as John settles into a real nice seated trot.

Afterward we have a special visit from Command Sgt. Major Greg Burch. Welcome aboard!

Just like in the Team Room our crew is fully engaged in covering the days activities in the "Hot wash". 

Nancy, Ranger,John, Eric, Rick & Greg on the porch.