Jan 22, 2014

January 22nd, 2014

With Chris' new boots that fit his new leg he's ready to ride...again!! 

That's right!  Each time he improves upon the last!
Because the prosthetic foot does not arch, cowboy boots with the stacked heel cannot be worn so we went with a lower heel lace up packer type boot.  Chris said when asked how they work:
"It's like putting Air Jordan's on!".

Cowboy Up! Director Nancy De Santis gets a chance to ride 
with Chris today, and what a day!

Working on more centered riding, focusing on our "dantien" (chinese for center of gravity), 
   and queing from our seat, fine tuning all the way.

Though it was a crisp, overcast day, there was nothing stopping anyone!

Nice leg work going through the cones Chris!

Left to right, Army guys and Cowboy Up! Instructors Chris Chaisson and Eric Yorty, Assistant Instructor John Shannon, and Executive Director Rick Iannucci sit down to one of Rick's homecooked meals after a STELLAR day!!!