Jan 24, 2014

24 January 2014

Though the temperature was in the mid 20's  that didn't stop this hard charging crew from getting some  time in the saddle!
Chris came up with his new swivel offset stirrups to accommodate his prosthetic leg, and they work great!

Tacking up Hollywood with Chris, John and Rick.

As we test out the new stirrups, Chris takes the time to give John a few pointers on rein control.

Once Chris feels settled and we have the tack set correctly he heads out with fellow Cowboy Up! Instructor Eric riding Knight for some arena work on the rail and through the cones. 

After a bit of a hietus, it's time for John to get back in the saddle, and with a few "tune up" tips...

... from the ground instructors... 

... we turn instruction over to Eric to illustrate seat, leg and rein ques...

... to contiue with mounted instruction.
Chris overseas the session with a watchful eye!

It takes good clear ques to get your horse to open and close a ranch gate, and under Eric's guidance John does the job with Hollywood just right.

We'd like to take a moment to remember our friend and brother Chad Winters who we lost five years ago today.  We honor your memory every time our warriors step into your arena!
You will never be forgotten. 

  CHAD WINTERS    MAY 1, 1982 ~  JANUARY 24, 2009