May 31, 2013

Laguna Pueblo

May 26th, 2013 was another early day for us ~ we feed at 3:30 a.m. let the horses eat and then load them for our trip to Lauguna Pueblo to work the folks of Sedillo Cattle Association.  There is nothing like seeing the sunrise as you head down the highway, knowing you are about to see your friends and partake in a good days work.

After our good mornings we saddle up.

We then separate into parties to gather the cows who are scattered far and wide. 
Of course Jack thought he was going with Hollywood...

...but Stew had other plans for us, like searching for cow's on the moon!

Then back down to the earthly sand dunes ~ Just beautiful out there!

Cows are curious creatures.

After prayers are said work begins with John roping one and Eric going in to heel...

I was too busy admiring Eric's new roping skills, but got this shot...
...great work on your first try!

Double H Boots ~ the boots of cowboys!

Oz gets to flank and see up close and personal how they tie the calves.

Nice shot!

Oz putting his observation skills to the test with Adam as his teacher.

Most branding is done freehand here ~ it's like a ceremony.

What's this?! You tired already Buford???  Nah, it was pretty hot out there!

Awaiting another calf while Lester, who is only 5, works at tying his calf!  
Right on Lester!

Lots always going on.

My favorite shot.

Nice job Adam!

Jessica and Carmen keep impeccable records!

The bulls got into it...

... just a little too close for comfort!

After lunch Lester helps Eric water the boys.

Sure got hot out there!

He really liked Junior and asked if he could ride him ~ that's 
one happy young man!

To top off our day, we hit Dairy Queen for some refreshing icecream with friends!
Thanks all for having us once again, we look forward to next time!