May 13, 2013

JX Ranch Branding

It's that time of year again!!!  

May 11th, 2013 we headed out to JX Ranch in Quay county to help Tom & Mimi Sidwell do their Spring Work  ~ thanks for offering our guys a great opportunity!

We arrived the night before and bunked in their awesome bunkhouse, which by the way can be rented! Please check out their bunkhouse rental at: 

The cattle gather started at 7 a.m.

Working gates is important work...

... when having to separate mommas from babies.

More sorting under the tutelage of Tom Sidwell.

Time to begin!

The guys got to brand...

... flank...

... and ear tag.


Love this action shot of Oz just diving in!

Mimi ropin' and dragin' ~ way to go cowgirl!

Oz tries his hand at branding ~ nice work!

A quick weigh-in and then Lunchtime!

After a full morning's work we had a home cooked meal prepared by Mimi using their tasty beef!
You can get some for yourself too by visiting their website and cliking on their "Our Beef" link:


Then the time came for graduation!  Our guys and girls never know when it's coming...!
These guys have put in the time, energy, and positive attitude and are ready for the next level!

Their first job was to officially welcome Tom and Mimi as part of our family.  Our hearts filled with gratitude that Tom and Mimi opened their home and ranch to us and our guys and shared their knowledge teaching these fine young men what ranching is all about.

Thank you!!!


Afterward, we worked off some calories with some roping...

... from a master!

A great day had by all!!!