May 15, 2013

Curt Pate @ Indian Livestock Days

May 15th, 2013

NM State University Indian Livestock Days  Horse Track Co-Hosted by Horses For Heroes -NM Inc.
Cowboyin' the easy way, with internationally famous stockman and horseman Curt Pate assisted by Cowboy Up! staff  Rick Iannucci, Eric Yorty, Oz Mora and Alroy Billiman.

Intro to low stress cattle handling 101
moma wondering why Curt is petting her baby??
Curt Pate and Rick Iannucci in the pens~ Curt on the head and Rick on the heels

Curt Pate and Rick Iannucci laying one down

Rick Iannucci double hockin' another one while Curt Pate, Oz  Moro and Eric Yorty do the doctorin"

Alroy Billiman, Rick Iannucci Curt Pate and Eric Yorty... job well done veterans!
Photo by: Darilyn Jackson