Aug 15, 2011

A special admittance into the Order of the Purple Wildrag...

We had a relaxing Monday morning out on the Bobcat pasture, we rode for a couple of hours saw some beautiful green grass, a rarity in Santa Fe, smelled the aroma of healthy pinon and took a peak at a breathtaking overlook. Emily didn't know it, but today was the day she would become our very first female veteran to graduate of the Cowboy Up! program. Yes, Emily has put in consistent sessions and the time she put in has paid off, not to mention her natural gift for horsemanship! Congratulations Emily we are so proud of you!

Because we graduate our participants doesn't mean that they are done and go off on their merry way, quite the opposite! Participants become assistant instructors. Our program is self sustaining in this way, our veterans have an opportunity to become instructors themselves and volunteer their time helping other veterans. It just works!

Our ceremony didn't end there... We also honored one of our talented volunteers as well... Joe has proven himself a dedicated volunteer. He's quite a horseman, well we saw that the first time he rode coupled with conversation of his experience! Joe helps keep our 4 legged instructors "legged up" , is a fine young man to boot and we are proud to have him with us as part of our family! Thank you Joe for all you do!!!