Aug 8, 2011

Another Stellar Day!!!

So nice to have a camera again, and it's even nicer to have a photographer on hand, thanks Chris!

We had a great day, well that's not unusual...!

We started out with a session here at the home of Horses for Heroes Cowboy Up! where we set up a working ranch horse trail course of sorts, and put our horses and riders to the test! After two of our instructors went through the course Emily rocked it, and made pulling the skid steer look easy! Awesome job Em!

Then we were off to meet Sgt. Erik Schei and his family and the Las Compadres Compadres team for our afternoon session with Shilo. First of all the Compadres team which consists of Georgia, Norm, Luis and Shilo are unbelievably big hearted, talented, and hard working - because of them getting Erik horseback is possible ~ Thank you so much all of you! We are truly grateful for the partnership. Then of course there is the rest of the team, the Horses For Heroes cowboy Up! Crew - because of our Cowboy Up! participants who volunteer with us to get Erik horseback we have smooth sessions - thank you Stewart and Emily, you are outstanding! A special thanks to Chris Chaisson for all the photographs who came to cheer Erik on - you rock! To Erik's parents... thank you for bringing Erik into our world, we are honored to have you all as part of our family! And to Erik, WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!! You fill our hearts with joy! EXCELLENT job! Keep up the great work!