Jun 20, 2015

Staple Cross 2015

Carrying on Henry McKinley's work at Staple Cross Ranch.

Saddling at the cottonwoods.

 The Cowboy Up! crew ready for the gather.

Meanwhile back at the corrals, fencing is checked.

 Moving the first batch of cows...

Now with the rest of them...

...into the corrals they go.

Then sorting the moms begins.
Staple Cross branding 2015.

Great ride and gathering crew!

Time to set up Carl's chuckwagon to start cooking.

Playing peek-a-boo!

Need I say more?

 Roping starts with the Mitchel boys from San Cristobal Ranch,
while Gene stokes the fire.

Paul is right in there to flank that calf.

 Team Cowboy Up! Paul, Eric and Andrew.

Clint Mortenson ropes next draggin' down the lane.
 Cowboy Up! Crew flanking, ear notching, inoculating and branding.
Bianca, Rick, Sarh and Paul.

 Joe Garcia and 'Suede'.

Army guys now cowboys.
Wyatt illustrates the perfect heel shot!

 Lunch is coming along back at the wagon.


Final brand of the day ~ nice job Rick.

 Time to pair up with moma!

 A well deserved lunch!

 In true Cowboy Up! tradition, we graduate our 2nd female veteran!

Congratulations Sarah!

On that note, we put out the fire and drive off into the sunset.

Thank you Steve for another spectacular opportunity for our men and women.
In gratitude always!