Jun 19, 2015

Another Stellar Week!!!

Another week of Army veterans participate in the Cowboy Up! program.
This time, we start our days with yoga stretches adapted from Beryl Bender Birch's "Yoga For Warriors", to limber our bodies for the work ahead with the horses.

Day 1
 We begin our horsemanship training with partnership work in the round pen.

 The afternoon session we get horseback,
starting out with the basics in a self-paced mode

Day 2
 We learn everything at a walk and in achievable components.

Day 3
The following day, skills are mastered and we move into the seated trot.

 A reward for all the hard work ~ a trip into town to play tourista!

Day 4
 The next morning some more stretching to prepare for our day.
Thank you Beryl for the Yoga for Warriors books and the mats!!!

Getting some rest in the shade before the day begins!
 Some drills on posting the trot.

 John teaches our wrangler/instructor  Bianca, a few good moves for stretching 
the hamstring and spine ~ ahhh... I can ride all day now!

Day 5
 Cowboy Up! Yoga feels sooo good!

 Hard chargers till the end, Stacy and John spend some 
time with their horses and horseback prior to their flights home.

 There is nothing like truly "feeling" the horse while in motion bareback.

The Horse is the bridge between our physical world and the spiritual world!