Oct 16, 2014


October 1st, 2014
Cowboy Up! Instructor & Native American Peer Counselor, Alroy Billiman brought US Marine Iraq veteran Wes to the ranch for some tuning up.
L. to r. : Alroy, Wes and Rick
Executive Director, Rick Iannucci, works with Wes
illustrating how leg ques combine with "soft hands' for 
clear communication.

 With clear communication our horses move effortlessly. 

Alroy on Knight through the cones at a trot.


October 16th, 2014 

We end the week of riding with the art of the round pen. 
Here Army veteran Sarah J. illustrates the joy of partnership 
with Knight.

 After moving Knight in all directions, with smooth
transitions of all gaits...

 Knight joins-up with Sarah
(Join-up is a term affectionately borrowed from an outstanding horseman Monty Roberts,
because join-up explains this moment so well!).

Afterward, Knight walks side by side  with Sarah following her every move
this is partnership!  Nice job.

After observing Sarah, Dillon (US Air Force) is ready to work with T-4 aka Montoya Cedar.
At first Cowboy Up! Director, Nancy De Santis, assists
Dillon with correct body position and instructs on using her 'Chi',
 energy, mind and body to direct T-4.  Quickly it becomes a dance
between the two, ending in a beautiful partnership.

 Click the collage above for larger view.

Outstanding job Dillon!

Well done all.