Sep 9, 2011

New home on the range for our cattle

The scenic and very green Buell Park Ranch is the new home for our cattle. Cowboy Up! graduate and now staffer Alroy Billman calls this ranch on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona home. Alroy is the first participant in our "seedstock" program in which we provided 5 heifers and a bull to a Cowboy Up! graduate that has knowledge, motivation, desire and the land to carry on ranching traditions.
Alroy attended the NMSU Indian Livestock Days with us, held this year at the Laguna Pueblo and worked on designing the breeding program. In the next gestation cycle he will then ship us back weaned calves for our veterans to train and learn how to work cattle on from March to October. They will then be returned to Buell Mountain where this sustainable cycle will begin again. We also welcome Alroy on our staff as a certified Native American Veterans Peer Counselor (and heck of a Cowboy!)