May 17, 2011

How do you Brand a Bull?


What a Monday! We started out the morning with another CowGIRL Up! session.

Working on strengthening balance, a vital element in horseback riding.
Well done!

... Then we broke for a little lunch before heading over to, program partner, Henry McKinley's to brand some bulls, but first there is preparation...

Like putting a proper housing on to of the chute to keep bulls from jumping out.

...clearing the alley...

...running the bulls up chute...

Look at the size of that neck!


...and that's how it's done!

We continued the neighborin' with the help of one of our volunteers, Chuck Franco. Fix'in windmills is all part of the ranching job.

Then back to the ranch for a little bit of a ride, having our voluteers and participants getting to know their horses before the next day's gather and branding for the week.

We're ready!