May 19, 2011

Bonanza Creek Spring Working

Alroy and Duke prepare for departure.

This year we gathered a day ahead of the branding - it worked out real well as them cows were spread out far and wide, but that is why there are several hands on deck to get the job done.

Volunteer Chuck Franco and St. Jack lead the way with Bonanza Creek Ranch Manager Steve Price and Horses For Heroes - NM, Inc. Director to begin the gather.

Here we have Cowboy Up! participant Alroy movin' cows to camp.

Back at headquarters and after a most excellent meal prepared by chuckwagon master, Carl Hawkins. Standing under the fly from left to right is Cowboy Up! Directors, Nancy De Santis & Rick Iannucci, Program Partner - Bonanza Creek Ranch Manager, Steve Price, Cowboy Up! Participant Alroy Billman, Cowboy Up! volunteer, Chuck Franco, Cowboy Up! Instructor and cook extraordinaire, Carl Hawkins, and Program Partner- Henry McKinley, Staple Cross Ranch.

Drum Roll Please...! Our newest Cowboy Up! Graduate...
Sporting his new Purple Wildrag...
Sgt. Alroy Billman U.S. Army Ret. (Navajo)

Left to right: Chuck Franco, Alroy Billman and Rick Iannucci