Mar 30, 2011

Aero BLSS Kits for PASGT Helmets

Personal Armor System for Ground Troops

If you have a son or daughter in Combat please send them an Aero BLSS kit for PASGT Helmets. I am not being paid to promote Aero Kits, it's just that when I heard about them from a friend who sent a set to her son and spoke of how much better they are over any other issued pads I was amazed. Apparently these pad kits were issued with the first 500,000 ACH helmets in 2005, but since then, less superior pads are being issued with the Advanced Combat Helmets. Why our government would send anything less than superior is beyond me which is why I implore you to send an Aero Kit to your loved one oversees.

Here is what, Mark O'Byrne, USMC had to say:

"When you're on the battle field it is inconvenient to keep having to adjust your kevlar or deal with the headaches from traditional head bands or low bidder pads. That is why I used Oregon Aero Helmet Pads on both of my tours in Iraq. They are easy to clean, durable, comfortable and they protect better from concussion."

Thanks Mark! The concussion statement really got me. With the amount of Traumatic Brain Injuries that our troops are coming back with, isn't it obvious that these are the only pads our combat troops should be using?

Nancy De Santis
Cowboy Up! Director

Here is a link to purchase the Aero BLSS Kit:
Oregon Aero BLSS Kit for PASGT Helmet

The Oregon Aero® BLSS® Kit (Ballistic Liner and Suspension System) and BLU® Kit (Ballistic Liner Upgrade) are widely regarded as the quality standard for ballistic helmet upgrades. Oregon Aero® Ballistic Helmet Pads can be used in the MICH Helmet, ACH Helmet, LWH Helmet, RBR Helmet, PASGT Helmet, Protech Helmet and Marine CVC Helmet, as well as Other Ballistic Helmets.

Developed for the U.S. Army Special Operations MICH helmet, Oregon Aero® Ballistic Helmet Pads meet the original specifications of the MICH helmet and exceed current U.S. Army requirements. Unlike other pad systems on the market, Oregon Aero® Ballistic Helmet Pads provide a high level of protection and comfort that encourages troops to wear their helmets.

Oregon Aero® Ballistic Helmet Pads benefits:

More Stable
Superior shock absorption
Flame Resistant
Moisture and waterproof
Positively buoyant
Gas and air permeable
Reduce sound reverberation
Install without any helmet shell modifications

Tests conducted at independent laboratories confirm Oregon Aero® Pads provide superior shock absorption.