Nov 6, 2019

Last sessions of the season

Been a bit of time since posting here on this blog ~ with old and new technology it's not so easy to get photos off the smarty pants phone to the ol' computer... Not only that, photos are not always easy to take when you are in the middle of focusing on instruction! Anyway, you can always keep up to date on our Instagram page: @horsesforheroes

October brought the last of the good weather and the last of our Cowboy Up! sessions. We already had two snow falls before Halloween, so Cowboy Up! resident sessions will start up again come spring 2020, but we will be here working with our local veterans as weather permits from now until then. 

If you are interested in attending any of our programs go to our website, scoot around, see if you qualify  and apply!

Last move until next year ~ Staple Cross November 2nd, 2019