Jun 20, 2018

The Month of May

Mike arrive a little early from his road trip out west to participate in some of Cowboy Up!
So after he settled in for a few days we got him around some horses.

May 1st, 2018
Most pictures speak for themselves...
Rick gives Mike a few tips before proceeding.

Bianca explaining rein control.

May 2nd
 James came in all the way from Germany where he now lives.
This is his first day with 'Roper' and he makes a perfect turn!

May 3rd
  "See one, do one teach one" ~ Mike shows James what he has learned so far.

How to bridle. See one...

...do one.

Saddle up!

May 5th
Tucumcari Rawhide Days treated our guys
to an incredible weekend ~ Thank y'all!

Mike, Rick and James.

Enjoying the parade.

May 6th
Before returning to the ranch the guys stop in to T4 Ranch for a little visit.

May 7th
A full day of shoeing with the Master ~ They did all four horses
~ no quit in these guys! ~ Wayne, you are the greatest!

 May 8th
Let's get saddled!

Sitting the trot!

A little ride around the property.

The making of a safety knot.

May 10th
 Guys are saddling on their own.

  Practice makes perfect.

 Bath time!

May 11th
 Who's that masked man?!

Paul came in for a ride to tune up for branding.
 May 12th
 Wayne comes by to teach some roping skills.

A great way to end your stay ~ was great having you Mike,
onward and upward!

Bareback will give you a great riding seat ~ it's all about balance.

James' first lope on 'Jack'!

May 18th
Out to gather the girls!

 James out there helping move the herd.

"Just another day at the office!"

May 19th BC Branding
 Morning greeting before heading out.

Photo is by Tanj Trubiano

 Boss men, Rick & Steve.

 Alroy and 'Knight'

 And so it begins!

Jame's very first branding! Very first everything actually!

 L to R: Tyanne (Marine), Alroy (Army), James (Army), Eric (Army), Paul (Marine)

 Shot of the day!

John gets down and dirty.

L to R: Tyanne, John, Rick, Alroy, Paul, James, Eric
Food prep - wait who's that heating coals?!
 Pitching in.

Time for a break before chow.

 Carl and Joe make an incredible meal! ~ Thank you!

 After the cows pair up they get moved back onto pasture.

James met all Cowboy Up! Objectives, so it was only right to
award him his Wildrag! Well done!


May 24th
A delightful end to a great month.
The Labyrinth Resource Group came out and laid our walking labyrinth to complete our contemplative Rest & Restore area.
Thank you Chris Liz and Lisa!!!

 Thank you Labyrinth Resource Group of Santa Fe,
we love our labyrinth!