Apr 25, 2017

Marine Sessions

April brought back Troy, one of our Marines out of Idaho who has been busy taking care of a pack string in the mountains on guided hunts. This March he also graduated from Dale Moore's Saddle Making School in Montana and built his very own saddle! 
 The very first thing we do is make sure the saddle is a fit -
that's putting it on without the pad to see if it makes all the right contacts in the right areas to keep the horses back comfortable and healthy!
Ready to launch!
"T4" expresses how nice it is to see Troy again!

Here are some pic's from the week:
Warming up.
Arena view and view of the Ortiz mountains. It's why we live here!
Joe and Rick hittin' a trot.
Nice job!
Trying the saddle on Roper this time.
FOOD Break!
Good riding, good food, good company...great crew!

Cowboy Up! Yoga in the morning...
...prepares both mind and body for the day.
Out and about.

On the morning Troy heads back to ID we have a little surprise for him...
Because of his hard work and commitment to learning and to always Cowboy Up! we induct him into the Order of the Purple Wild Rag  
~a commencement to life long learning!
  We've arranged Troy an apprenticeship with stellar leather craftsman Jack Gulley from South Dakota, so he can continue his education in working leather, fixing saddles and cowboyin'.
Alas, riding continues for this Marine!
 Bareback no less.
Trotting poles bareback is no easy feet unless you have a good seat!
A brief rest!
 Horses can be so competitive ~ stop pinning your ears guys!
You got it Joe ~ left lead and everything!