May 7, 2016

Bonanza Creek

Bonanza Creek
May 7th, 2016
(captions on top of photo)

All gathered up and ready to go...
 Rick, 'Roper', Bianca and 'Junior' sort mommas from babies.
Lots of elements to this operation, every man afoot has a job.
 Joe and 'T4' begin roping calves.
Nice roping Joe!
 BC Ranch Manager coaches on how to flank.
Rick and 'Roper' rope another!
 Hot iron branding - it's the law in NM.
Cowboy Up! Pit Crew ~ Flanking, holding and marking.
  "Guess there's no use fighting it..."
Look at all that goes on!
 Team Cowboy Up!
Lots going on at once during a branding!
 After mommas are joined up with their calves we gather...
...and put 'em back on pasture.
Thanks for the help all!
Stellar Day!