Jan 9, 2016

Great start to the New Year!

Horse wellness with Dr. Bill Hampton, D.C. of Equine Spine.

Dr. Hampton has worked on horses for 30 years and for the past 10 has been teaching seminars. By far the best horse chiropractor I've seen! 

We humans from time to time get out of alignment, as it is for our animals too. When you have a joint that isn't moving right, through it normal range of motion, it can cause stiffness and pain. A chiropractic adjustment restores misaligned joints to their normal location and thus enables joints to function as they are meant to.

 Dr. Hampton begins assessing 'Hollywood's' spine.

The Doc listens with his hands to find out where the source of pain is, 
because often our eyes will deceive us.

 Some spinal adjustments and Relief!

Happy horses, happy riders!!!

Thanks Doc!

To learn more please visit Dr. Hampton's website: