Dec 15, 2015

ODA 132 Esse Viride Non Est Facile (It's Not Easy Being Green) Visit

December 11th, 2015

It's been 30 + years ... Special Forces Operational Detachment 
(ODA 132) "the Green Team" then...

Maj. Pete is 3rd from left, Rick is 5th from left and 
MSG Tim is 6th from left in this 1983 photo.
These former team mates came to the ranch at our invitation to observe, participate and assess our Cowboy Up! program as we prepared for the upcoming year.

...and now! Major Garth, Rick, MSG Tim, Major Pete 
on the Santa Fe Plaza at Christmas 2015
OIF veteran and Cowboy Up! Instructor Eric explains
haltering and leading to the men of ODA 132.

Nancy illustrates partnership with her horse 'Jack' to the Green Berets.
 The "A Team" grooms their horses.

 Break for lunch in the newly renamed "ODA 132 Team Room!"

 'Roper' at liberty with Special Forces Master Sgt. Tim.
MSG Tim is also a Military Order of the Purple Heart Recipient.
 'T4' partnering with Special Forces Major Pete. Maj. Pete is also a
Military Order of the Purple Heart Recipient.
 'Houdini' and Special Forces Major Garth.

L to R: Andrew, Garth, Tim, Pete, Eric and Rick
Tim is President of Chapter 36 Military Order of the Purple Heart and Pete is the Chaplain.

The following morning we were blessed with beautiful snow. 
The other good news is that we had to go out and work in it!
 Jack enjoying his grooming before cattle work!

 After the guys knock the mud off, Rick saddles 'Roper'.

Vaseline is packed inside the shoes to keep snow from building up.

Arrival and "deployment" Bonanza Creek Ranch. 
The work goes on no matter the weather

Cowboy crew heading out to gather the cows.

 The gather...

 ...and move...

 ...across CR45...

 ...into the pasture.
Bianca's Birdseye View. 


Now the work begins. Time to sort.
Momma cows to the left, calves to the right.

Good Sort!
All sorted and let out to pasture.

After working, Ranch Manager Steve Price takes 
the Team to see some of Bonanza Creek's movie sets.
Here they are inside the barn built for the Billy Bob Thornton film "Astronaut Farmer". 
Other films filmed in the barn are:

Great day for a group of Green Berets!

Company C, 1st Battalion 11th Special Forces- 1983

Have a ...
... and may you have a Joyous New Year!!!