Sep 7, 2015

Active Duty Airmen Cowboy Up!

September 5th, 2015

Spent the day with active duty Airmen...
Holly brought Greg (USAF Chaplains Assistant) out to experience the way of the horse...

 Cowboy Up! Director Nancy De Santis discusses the many uses of 
working with horses at liberty (off halter and lead) in the round pen.

 Holly in classic driving position!

After paying attention to one another and finding
 mutual understanding...

 ... a beautiful partnership is born. (No Holly, "Knight" will not fit in the back of your car!)

Greg is ready for his first experience at liberty work with his horse.
 "Roper" actively listening to Greg, he is hooked on listening 
to Greg's non-verbal cues.

 After Greg stops 'Roper', 'Roper' waits and reads Greg before responding.

 The magic moment...

 ... and new partnership.
 Taking our round pen experience into the riding arena.

 Executive Director Rick Iannucci demonstrating
rein control and leg cues before preparing a nourishing meal for all.

Just another outstanding "day at the office"!