Aug 1, 2014

The National Day of the Cowboy

A big thanks to ALL who came out for New Mexico’s Western Music Association ‘s National Day of the Cowboy Concerts! It was an OUTSTANDING weekend of music, fun and friends!

A very special thanks to ALL the musicians who dedicated their Talent and Time to put on two outstanding shows in Cimarron and Placitas, NM!

Headliners; R.W. Hampton, Randy Houston, Jim Jones, Doug Figgs, and Ron Taylor – you are incredibly gifted, writers and singers! We cannot express enough how honored we are that you came together to put on concerts for the folks who love Western music AND to benefit our organization – our heart felt gratitude!

Thanks a million to Joe Brown of NM Western Music Association who had a vision and a mission and organized these concerts, as well as to all who worked behind the scenes putting together, promoting and even working the events like Lisa Hampton, Cathy Figgs, and to Saturday’s  MC and cowboy poet Dennis Nazelrod of the Cimarron Mavericks and to Sunday’s MC, Rick Huff – Thank you!

To Linda and Gene McClain of Arte de Placitas Gallery who hosted the Placitas concert – what a fun gallery and awesome idea hosting the Western Music Series you’ve got going on there! Check out their calendar for more @
These concerts were OUTSTANDING!!! - Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 
Don't miss it next time!

Some shots from our July 26th Cimarron concert:

A good part of the audience stayed through into the evening to see everyone give a stellar performance, and here they show there gratitude to each and every artist!

And from our July 27th Placitas concert:
Mother nature held out for most of the performances and R.W's first set, then she no longer could deprive us of the rain we needed for our dry landscape, but no worries, after moving everything under cover R.W. began strumming his guitar and all chimmed in and gave us a heck-of-a performance for another hour!  

It was a lot of fun guys thank you! And thanks to all who came out to ENJOY the music!
~  ~  ~  ~  ~

The Monday after brought us back to daily veteran sessions and a long awaited combat veteran from Cimarron. There are no coincidences that we finally met up while up there enjoying music in the park!
US Army Afghanistan veteran, Rick Rinde spent the week with us after our great visit at the concert, and it was sure good to have him here participating in Cowboy Up!

Rick looks on.  Learning what he can by observing fellow Army veteran Sarah work with Junior aka "Houdini".

Afterward Sarah teaches Rick one of the quick release knots used here. Safety always a number one priority for our crew and our horses.

Then of course a break for lunch and a time to relax and enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship.

And back outside afterward to learn how to halter and lead.

Then to some partnership work with Knight.

Always nice when you have made a new friend and trusted partner.

The next few days found time well spent in the saddle.

Manuvering throught the cones with Rick.

Here Nancy illustrates rein aides.

Then an opportunity to try those reins out for himself, under the ever so watchful eye of Hollywood!

Smiles for miles tell it all. Looks like we have a happy camper!

The next day brought another group session.

Paul is really enjoying trotting with Junior!

As always, practice...

...makes perfect.

Lunchtime in our bunkhouse. Always a welcome part of the day.

And back out for an afternoon session with "our girls"...

...the cows that is and learning proper, no stress cattle handling while horseback.
Looking forward to building on a great week and a good start.