Apr 12, 2014

Train the Trainers

April 12th, 2014

We were honored to have Christina Savitski of Buckaroo Balance out to train the trainers!
Christina was instrumental in our initial instructor development program and remains on staff sharing her extensive knowledge with our crew in between her busy schedule. We here at the ranch continue to train and strive for excellence in our horsemanship, care and general knowledge. 

We started with saddle fit.  
Christina has given entire clinics on this subject and 
we highly recommend her to help with fitting your horse!

Here Christina is showing the guys what to look and feel for when fitting. 

Time to saddle up!

After warming up we eased our way into some exercises that 
help to bring awareness to our bodies while we ride.

Christina took time with each rider incorporating subtle movement...

... to help achieve a relaxed frame and balanced seat.

Riding in correct alignment and in balance with our horse, 
creates a unified riding experience where our horse thanks us!

Thanks for an informative and fun day Christina!!!

Check out Christina's website Buckaroo Balance!