Dec 6, 2013

Cattleman's College

December 5th, 2013

Cattlemans College~ New Mexico Cattle Growers Association

Once again our Cowboy Up! crew made the trip to Albuquerque to attend the annual Cattlemans College sponsored by the NM Cattle Growers Association and NM State University Extension Service.

Always an educational experience it is also a time to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. In addition to the Cattlemans College we had the opportunity to address the NM Livestock Board who we are partnering with in for the Cowboy Justice Springer Correctional Facility program.

Our Laguna Pueblo~ Sedillo Cattle Association Partners Mr and Mrs Vaio with our crew Chuck Aranda, Brock Ottenbacher, Mike Paiz and NM Cattlegrowers Board Member Ernie Torres 

NM Livestock Board of Directors guided by Mr. Bill Sauble.

NM Cattlegrowers Assoc. Board members Alisa Ogden, Bert Ansell and Caren Cowan. 

The presentations captured everyones attention and got everyone thinking. 

Cabinet Secretary Jeff Witte, Dept of Agriculture spent some time with our crew, Brock Ottenbacher, Chuck Aranda, Eric Yorty, Sedillo Cattle Assoc.'s John Romero, Mike Paiz, Farm Bureau Chief Matt Rush and our NMSU instructor.

Mike, Chuck, Rick, Eric and Brock... 'do we look smarter now'??