Jul 10, 2013

Hay Day

July 9th, 2013 was Hay Day! 
Thanks to our friends at San Juan College for getting it here!
Keith ~you are the MAN!  

After moving hay it was time for lunch!

The crew ~ thank you to all you guys!

 Later that day, The Cowboy Libertarian Patrick Dorinson Arrived with 
our truck from Elk Grove Dodge.

It's always time to rope!

The Cowboy Libertarian Patrick Dorinson and HFHNM, Inc. Executive Director Rick Iannucci outside the Cowboy Up! office.

Patrick contemplates his next book while enjoying a seat on the porch...  

 July 10th, 2013
The morning brings another beautiful day at the ranch! 

Patrick Dorinson looks on as Eric takes one of our newest Cowboy Up! participants throught some training.

We always start from the ground up ~ a great beginning to partnership.

Eric works with Knight in the round pen illustrating how to use body language and energy to move a horse just like they do within their own herd.  This is another step to developing a true partnership with these magnificent ones.

Andrew takes over moving his horse through all gaits, how to stop him, turn him,  speed him up and slow him down all without verbal commands.

The unltimate ~ joining up.

Andrew has illustrated his position as a good leader and Knight accepts a partnership.

Preparing for the first ride...

Up and riding!

Riding not only exercises the body, it stimulates the mind!

Cowboy Up! Director Nancy De Santis, Cowboy Up! participant Andrew, with Cowboy Up! Instructor Eric Yorty.  

Eric explaining ranch etiquette ~ always face and wait for the gate keeper.

Unbridling ~ Job well done!  Time for a well deserved break...

...and lunch!

After a day of observing Patrick just had to get in the saddle ~
Looking good!

The Cowboy Libertarian Patrick Dorinson, Andrew, HFHNM, Inc. Executive Director Rick Iannucci and Eric.